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Sustainable Fashion Brand

Sustainable Fashion Brand


  • Brand ecommerce sales growth
  • Brand customer acquisition growth
  • Achieve targeted CPA, ROAS, CLV goals
  • Engage consumers to reorder and remain active with brand products.

Execution Strategy: 

  • Built out website product pages and main landing page for SEO optimization.
  • Created a variety of sponsored ad content for FB/IG, Programmatic, and Google.
  • Once in rollout developed additional sponsored ad-media verticals to diversify the media channel customer acquisition optimization.

Launch Result/ Development:

We made sure the brand was prepared for success. We had enough estimated inventory for the launch and a plan to quickly bring in additional units as needed.

  • Launched new media verticals to diversify the media portfolio. 
  • Achieve targeted CPA, ROAS, CLV goals, grew 3 new media verticals.
  • Increased overall monthly spend and revenue by 40%. 
  • Engage consumers to reorder and stay active with brand products.

Long Term Development:

  • Continued to develop additional media verticals and diversification.
  • Continue to create engaging sponsored ad content for new customer acquisitions.
  • Work with client to help optimize email remarketing promotions to existing consumers.
  • Continue with sustainable annual ecommerce sales growth for the brand.
  • Integrated sponsored ads, organic content, and email/promotions to bring in new consumers and market to existing for optimal ROI.