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Campaign: Developing DtoC eCommerce Channel
For A Professional-Wholesale/ Retail Store Hair Tool Brand.

Cosmetic Equipment


  • Develop an eCommercestrategy for the launch with quick growth potential for the brand.
  • Achieve targeted CPA, ROAS, CLV goals.
  • Engage consumers to reorder and keep active with other brand products to increase CLV.
  • Build out email program to generate optimal revenue from existing brand consumers.  

Execution Strategy: 

  • Developed engaging Social Media Channel content for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Built out and launch Google Search and Shopping 
  • Built out website product pages and main landing page to convert incoming traffic.
  • Created a variety of sponsored ad content for FB/IG and Google.
  • Leveraged existing consumer data to support the retail DtoC launch.
  • Develop additional media verticals once the launch strategy was in a growth phase.

Launch Result/ Development:

  • The launch strategy was successful.
  • Increased monthly sales from $25k to over $250K at an initial 3.0+ ROAS  
  • Began to sell a more diverse portfolio of products and liquidate old inventory.
  • Established a successful strategy for new product launches leveraging new and existing customers.
  • Brought the projected annual sales to over $4 million with only executing 2-phases of a 5-phase growth strategy.   

Long Term Development:

  • Continue to use the ad and conversion strategies developed for new and existing products.
  • Launch new marketing initiatives as the brand grows to support the new media verticals.
  • Develop an eCommercemarketing strategy targeting industry professionals to use and purchase products from the brand.  

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