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Tools of the Trade

Tools and systems are important to ensure timely and accurate direct response buying and campaign management for direct-to-consumer campaigns. Both infomercial and spot direct response television campaigns must have the proper tools in place in order to optimize effectively. Elite Media Direct, based in Manhattan Beach, California, is experienced and skilled in these areas and understands which tools to utilize to ensure the best possible results.

Effective Media Management System

The most important tool for a direct response advertising agency or infomercial media buying agency is their media management system. Our system's key benefits include its Web-based technology, flexible reporting options, and electronic integration with other direct response media management systems. We integrate your results from multiple product or service distribution opportunities generated by your spot or infomercial production which shows your direct response television campaign's true ROI. We incorporate response data elicited directly through the toll-free number; merge the sales and leads driven to your online direct marketing initiatives associated with the television campaign, and report on any other relevant data. Elite Media Direct has a standard reporting package and the ability to create customized report packages for each client and campaign.


The Importance of Flexibility

One of the most important aspects of our system is the flexibility it gives buyers to manage your media. Each buyer develops his or her own reports to quickly analyze performance on each direct marketing association (DMA), station, creative, and offer placed on television to develop the optimal media portfolio for your direct-to-consumer campaign.

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