We Maximize Growth, Digital Media Exposure, And ROI For Today's Brands

Optimizing Digital Media to Yield the Best Results

Expand your brands ecommerce growth through digital media execution and ecommerce customer engagement, headed by Elite Media Direct, located in Manhattan Beach, California. EMD evaluates your brand(s) and develops an integrated digital strategy on TV, Radio, and digital media verticals. We plan, buy and optimize your media portfolio to deliver sales and customer aquisition goals. EMD handles the design and execution of your marketing campaign to ensure excellent results.


Media Buying & Campaign Management

Elite Media Direct provides media testing and rollout execution, which is vital to the success of an ecommerce campaign. 

Ecommerce media management is very different from traditional, general agency management. Ecommerce  advertising provides daily feedback on consumer purchases and interaction with your products or services, whereas general market advertising reports back viewership data, usually on a quarterly basis. Some of the most common goals we help our clients achieve through ecommerce advertising include:

Return On Ad Spend (Based on Sales) | Cost per Lead on Qualified Lead Generation | Cost per Order (Based on Qualified Orders) | Customer Lifetime Value | CPMs to Measure Audience Delivery

Increasing Your Exposure Across All Channels

We have the clout and leverage to optimize your media schedules on major national cable networks such as Lifetime™, Discovery Channel™, and A&E™, while aggressively buying in local markets whether it's New York, Los Angeles, or Zanesville, Ohio. Our company balances your media portfolio as if we were managing your stock portfolio.

Diversification of your television media and other digital platforms is a key factor in the longevity of your spot campaign or paid programming. Our buyers adjust media rates, station mixes, frequency, and return on investment (ROI) efficiencies daily. The buying and management teams are also financially incentivized by the advertising agency when they achieve your goals. Our buyers negotiate and manage based on your response, while proactively initiating the next steps in media placement.

Management That Works for You

In additions to integrated digital media management Elite Media Direct, based in Manhattan Beach, California, helps you achieve this goal through our advertising campaign management and product marketing services. Media management is crucial to the success of an ecommerce campaign, and so are the backend operations to support sales, lead flow, and conversions. We take the necessary steps to help you increase your exposure and boost your presence on a national or global scale.


Strengthening Your Marketing Campaign

Consulting allows us to share our overall industry knowledge and skills with clients. We dramatically improve time efficiencies and our clients' learning curves, which helps bring the right teams together for direct response marketing initiatives. The areas we focus on that have the most significance on your campaign include creative and production, online marketing, media management, telemarketing, fulfillment, merchant processing, and new media opportunities.

The knowledge and experience we have with key vendors means you'll interact with the most experienced and skilled vendors for your campaign. Our clients benefit across many levels from our experience, and each receives hands-on boutique service from a high-powered executive team.

Client Meeting

Managing & Developing Your Campaign

Elite Media Direct plans, buys, and manages media through the distribution channels of radio, television, and the Internet. We boast an integrated platform that integrates television, radio, and the Internet to deliver a great ROI to our clients.

For television and radio, we offer commercials that last 10, 15, or 30 seconds to as long as one or two minutes. In addition, we manage infomercials, which last as long as 28:30 minutes. The Internet requires site development and optimization, e-commerce, social media management, and SEO and SEM capabilities. This includes producing a commercial, developing an e-commerce site, and managing telemarketing and merchant accounts. We can take care of everything you need to run a successful direct consumer campaign.

Selling And Distributing Through Home Shopping Retail And Catalogue Distribution Channels

If you have a product and want to appear on a home shopping channel to advertise and sell it, we will facilitate a relationship with our vendors and help distribute your product and get it on television. We also optimize your media portfolio so the different varieties of media complement one another, ensuring you the best ROI for your product.

While the buyers are in the trenches negotiating and optimizing media, your campaign management team analyzes response information daily and stays in communication with our clients to optimize results and stay on track to achieve the desired goals. There are many moving parts to a direct response campaign. We streamline media to ensure it is complementary to all campaign initiatives while optimizing product distribution opportunities. In addition, we review your creatives, media initiatives, and back-end services as an integrated system, making sure to review each individually and optimizing the effects they have on each other. The three things our managers always inform you of are the efficiencies from where you have aired media, current advertising campaign initiatives, and the next steps for optimizing your ROI.